How I made the most of my life at uni !

Coming to university can be a scary thing in the sense that you leave a lot of people behind (friends, family, your favourite places where you used to hang out with your mates) and engage yourself in a journey to discover the real you, the things you like and what you aim to achieve for your future. Everyone goes through this experience. It is part of the process of growing up and becoming prepared for life. For me, university life was a remarkable experience. That is why I chose to do a masters degree as well. I got to learn interesting things about radio, media, how businesses work and how to build a business plan, I was taught in different ways, I met people from all over the world and I kept in touch with them even after finishing my degree. I enjoyed and hated rain in London. I went to concerts. I engaged in activities and societies that the university’s Students Union has provided for us.  I had the chance of meeting celebrities. I experienced a broken heart in London. I had moments when I treated myself as a king, but also days where I could afford the cheapest meals or deals at McDonald’s. I had a radio show on an award winning student radio station. To sum up my experience I would say that my life at uni included Passion,Emotions, Realities, Friends, Essential skills that can be developed and make you a more qualified person for a job,Keys to the future and a memorable Time. It was PERFEKT 🙂 


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