Celebrity Crushes (blondes)

Hey guys. Today I’m writing something different from what you are used to see from me.

I would like to tell you today about my celebrity crushes (this article will be about blonde stars). And yeah, most of them appear in films and TV shows. Let me know in the comments section who is your celebrity crush.

My favourite blonde stars are:

1)  Emma Roberts-actress


2) Gigi Hadid-model

3) Chloë Grace Moretz-actress


4) Scarlett Johansson- actress

5) Margot Robbie– actress


 6) Kaley Cuoco-actress


7) Amber Heard– actress  

8) Sasha Pieterse-actress 


 9) Hayden Panettiere-actress

10) Rachel McAdams-actress 

11) Blake Lively-actress

12) Emma Stone-actress 


13) Charlize Theron


14) Anna Kendrick– actress


15) Elizabeth Banks-actress  


16)  Holly Willoughby– TV presenter


17) Mollie King-singer

18) Jessica Alba-actress


19) Ellie Goulding-singer


20) Laura Cosoi -Romanian actress and model 


21) Cristina Dochianu– Romanian TV presenter

22) Monica Dascalu– Romanian TV presenter 


23) Gina Pistol -Romanian model


24) Delia Matache -Romanian singer 


25) Taylor Swift -singer



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