Zayn Malik is reuniting with One Direction…

As Fleetwood Mac so eloquently put it, you can go your own way. But it seems like ex-One Direction superstar Zayn Malik isn’t quite ready to put his past behind him.
After a high profile fall out with ace producer, Naughty Boy, Zayn has been searching for his next big solo hit. And he knows exactly where to look to get results.

A source close to Malik has said that Zayn is seeking out the talents of One Direction songwriter, Jamie Scott, the man behind many of the band’s mega hits, including What Makes You Beautiful.
“Zayn knows Jamie is a ticket to a hit and has been sending messages to him trying to get the songwriter on board,” the source told the Daily Mirror.
“But Jamie feels that working with Zayn could cause problems because of his history with the band. In any case Zayn won’t be releasing his single until 1D is out the way and a couple of other 1D singles are out.”

To be honest, that sounds like too long a wait to us.


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