Taylor Swift-Incredible In ‘Out Of The Woods’ Music Video| Music


What up friends? Happy New Year !  I hope this year is going to be good for you, filled with good things and I wish you to accomplish more than in 2015.

I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift (If you know me personally, then you’d know this…lol), especially of her latest album titled 1989She has a lot of great tunes on this record, her sales figures and the amount of songs that were turned into music videos supporting this- As of December 2015, 1989 has sold 5,500,000 copies just in the U.S. and the videos she released were for Shake It Off, Blank Space, Style, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams.

The music video for Out Of The Woods was launched on 31 December 2015 and it looks amazing. In my opinion it’s her best video up to date.I really liked how in the end of the video we, the audience, can read “She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything” — this being a clear metaphor for her very public relationship history and how she transformed each conflict into her own personal victories.

Out Of The Woods is believed to be Swift’s homage to the heartbreak she experienced from her split with One Direction’s Harry Styles. She said that the hit was inspired by a relationship that felt “fragile” and “tentative” to her. Watch below the Out Of The Woods official music video.






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