The story continues-Daredevil Season 2

The TV show Daredevil continues to amaze me by having its trailer divided into several parts. Today I’m going to focus on the second part of the Marvel’s inspired show. The Netflix comic books programme is amazing through its naivity of having us as viewers being fooled with such a hard to follow storyline.

It’s like “it never happened before”, although the script from the trailers suggests otherwise. There are references to characters like Elektra, just to name one of them. I believe the action depicted in the trailers represent the highlights of the Season 2, but it is so poorly edited and made that I feel sorry for those expecting to see some quality programming.

Anyway, just so you can have a clue regarding what I’m talking about I’ll share with you the “incredible” trailer for Daredevil:

Now my question is: Couldn’t they have just one trailer for Daredevil?



A first look at Daredevil Season 2

The comic books’ based TV show will be featured on Netflix on 18 March. The TV programme sees the main character, Matt Murdock coming back to Hell’s Kitchen on a new adventure, this time facing new dangers.

The first trailer for Daredevil focuses on the other characters as well.

You can watch the trailer for Season 2 below:



Football and love

Since I was a little kid I loved football. I remember watching tremendous games between teams that generated a spectacular atmosphere in the stadium, but also a sense of competition.

Growing up, I started to watch football with a different view, this being also because the rules have changed a bit. Also, the coaches of the football teams nowadays use different tactics in regards to getting a victory, or a draw. I can’t believe there is anyone wishing to have lost a game. 

The main idea behind this post is to share with my readers the love that I have for this sport, that has brought me moments of laughter,joy, nervousness. I played football when I was younger and I do miss kicking a ball behind a net if I were to use specific language.