Movie Review: The Dressmaker


The Dressmaker is a drama featuring Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth as the main characters.Other names on the bill include Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook and Judy Davis. The film focuses on the story of a glamorous woman who returns to a town in rural Australia. With her sewing machine and her style she manages to change the life of the women and she gets even on those who did her wrong in an attempt to discover the truth about her past. The Dressmaker is directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse (Proof, Unconditional Love) and tallied 12 wins and 24 nominations at different film festivals.

What I liked about this film is the fact that the plot unfolds while you watch and it is kind of different from the movies that came out during the last year. It is a drama, but one filled with suspense and some hilarious moments are there as well. By watching this film you will definitely be hooked until the very end. Well done for the cast, director and the writers for a film that is ballsy and tackles some important issues of the society. I would give a 7.5 out of 10 to The Dressmaker, for the reasons mentioned above.





Artist To Watch: Shawn Medes

There is a song called Stitches from which you can’t escape at the moment. What do I mean by that?It is played on the radio, the video is on music channels. You can hear it basically everywhere.The song is sung by Shawn Mendes, musician that I discovered some months ago by listening to a tune called Life Of The Party. Shawn Mendes might become the new Justin Bieber of pop music as his songs are quite catchy. It is possible, right?

Listen to Stitches below:


Ford & Spielberg confirmed for Indiana Jones 5

According to IMDB, Walt Disney Pictures has announced that Harrison Ford will return to the big screen in a yet to be titled Indiana Jones film. This represents the 5th time when we get to see Mr. Ford as Indiana Jones. The adventure movie is set to be released on 19 July, 2019. Along with Ford, Steven Spielberg will be directing, with franchise veterans Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall producing. Alan Horn, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios mentioned in a press release that “Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019”.


Little Mix featuring Jason Derulo

A song that I heard in December got stuck in my head and now it has an official video to accompany it. I’m talking about Secret Love Song by Little Mix & Jason Derulo.

Why I think it’s a cool song I hear you asking? Well, it has an upbeat sound and the lyrics go well with the sound. All in all, the perfect combination.

You can listen to the song and watch the official video below:


A perfect day for football


Thursday, 10 March 2016 marked an important day in the history of Europa League.It was the day in which two teams from England, Liverpool and Manchester United, have encountered in an European clash. The match was played at Anfield and it was a joy to watch. The stadium was filled at full capacity and the fans of both teams offered their support, with a plus for Liverpool, their fans dominating the atmosphere. This was also due to their home advantage.

I have to be honest with you and mention that my favourites were the Manchester team, but I can accept the fact that Liverpool played much better last night and they deserved to win in the end with 2-0. First half was definitely dominated by Liverpool, while on the second, the home team played on counter-attack and managed to secure a win at two goals difference.

If I were to mention some players that caught my eye last night they would be Fellaini (he was involved in the most faults), De Gea and Firmino. The second leg at Old Trafford is announced to be an interesting game as Manchester managed to score 5 goals in their last home European game.


Dinamo-Steaua, un derby fără goluri


După o perioadă aglomerată cu multe jocuri în Liga I, Dinamo și Steaua s-au duelat în Cupa României Timișoreana. Meciul a început sub dominația roș-albaștrilor, cu ocazii importante la poarta dinamovistă. Spre sfârșitul primei reprize formația din șoseaua Ștefan Cel Mare a echilibrat partida ratând din situații bune. 

A doua repriză a reprezentat o invitație la joc din partea Stelei, Dinamo răspunzând pe contraatac. Cele mai importante momente de la cele doua porți i-au avut in prim-plan pe Chpciu si Gnohere. Finalul partidei s-a remarcat printr-o bară de generic marca Nicolae Stanciu. Cum nicio echipă nu a înscris, meciul s-a terminat 0-0, iar echipa calificată în finala cupei va fi stabilită in urma disputării celei de-a doua manșe.