A perfect day for football


Thursday, 10 March 2016 marked an important day in the history of Europa League.It was the day in which two teams from England, Liverpool and Manchester United, have encountered in an European clash. The match was played at Anfield and it was a joy to watch. The stadium was filled at full capacity and the fans of both teams offered their support, with a plus for Liverpool, their fans dominating the atmosphere. This was also due to their home advantage.

I have to be honest with you and mention that my favourites were the Manchester team, but I can accept the fact that Liverpool played much better last night and they deserved to win in the end with 2-0. First half was definitely dominated by Liverpool, while on the second, the home team played on counter-attack and managed to secure a win at two goals difference.

If I were to mention some players that caught my eye last night they would be Fellaini (he was involved in the most faults), De Gea and Firmino. The second leg at Old Trafford is announced to be an interesting game as Manchester managed to score 5 goals in their last home European game.



Dinamo-Steaua, un derby fără goluri


După o perioadă aglomerată cu multe jocuri în Liga I, Dinamo și Steaua s-au duelat în Cupa României Timișoreana. Meciul a început sub dominația roș-albaștrilor, cu ocazii importante la poarta dinamovistă. Spre sfârșitul primei reprize formația din șoseaua Ștefan Cel Mare a echilibrat partida ratând din situații bune. 

A doua repriză a reprezentat o invitație la joc din partea Stelei, Dinamo răspunzând pe contraatac. Cele mai importante momente de la cele doua porți i-au avut in prim-plan pe Chpciu si Gnohere. Finalul partidei s-a remarcat printr-o bară de generic marca Nicolae Stanciu. Cum nicio echipă nu a înscris, meciul s-a terminat 0-0, iar echipa calificată în finala cupei va fi stabilită in urma disputării celei de-a doua manșe.


Football and love

Since I was a little kid I loved football. I remember watching tremendous games between teams that generated a spectacular atmosphere in the stadium, but also a sense of competition.

Growing up, I started to watch football with a different view, this being also because the rules have changed a bit. Also, the coaches of the football teams nowadays use different tactics in regards to getting a victory, or a draw. I can’t believe there is anyone wishing to have lost a game. 

The main idea behind this post is to share with my readers the love that I have for this sport, that has brought me moments of laughter,joy, nervousness. I played football when I was younger and I do miss kicking a ball behind a net if I were to use specific language.

Is a good defence enough to qualify for Euro 2016?

Tonight Romania has a vital game against Finland in the 2016 European Qualifiers. Romania’s group is quite open with Northern Ireland, Romania and Hungary fighting for the first 2 spots that qualify for Euro 2016. *The 3rd place will qualify for play-off.

Even Finland has a chance to grab the 3rd place.

Why is the game against Finland vital for the Romanians? Because with 2 wins (1 tonight and another one with Faroe Islands) the qualification is guaranteed.

Another way Romania can go through would be with 4 points from the last 2 games. Or we need only one point if Hungary loses one of their last 2 matches.

You might not believe it , but Romania has the best defence in UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying round . Romania has played 8 games and conceded only 1 goal. That means our defence is better than England’s, Spain’s and Germany’s to name a few.

Romania uses a quite standard team with central defenders Dragos Grigore, Vlad Chiriches and the left-back Razvan Rat being regulars, the only unsolved equation for the coach Anghel Iordanescu being who is playing on the right.

In Romania the main concern is the lack of goals from the national team (they scored only 1 goal in 2015). Raul Rusescu and Bogdan Stancu have struggled for form, while Florin Andone is still very young and trying to find his way. The only left solutions for the striker position are Constantin Budescu and Claudiu Keseru.

I hope that Anghel Iordanescu will send the best line-up for this game and hopefully we will score at least a goal more than our opponent. HAI ROMANIA ! (that is COME ON ROMANIA, in Romanian 😀 )

Romania can qualify even without scoring, but they’ll have to rely on their iron defence. Greece managed to make this tactic work in their favour at UEFA Euro 2004 tournament so why shouldn’t the Romanians be capable of doing exactly that?

To end on a serious note I would like to ask you guys: Is a good defence enough to qualify for a major tournament like Euro 2016?

Football and comedy

I know some of you like football. I am also aware that a lot of people like comedy. Sometimes football offers us some comic moments. Have a look to see a Top 20 Comedy Moments in Football and let me know what’s your favourite? Mine is the goalkeeper dressed as Spiderman.

Will he score?

Today I am writing about football. Damn time, I can hear you saying.

In my country it is said that football is the king of sports. The most popular football teams in Romania are Steaua Bucharest, Dinamo Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest, CFR Cluj, Universitatea Cluj and Universitatea Craiova (there is a whole controversy surrounding this team as Craiova has two teams now).

There are a lot of people around the world that love football. This sport generates joy, passion,  rivalry. We all enjoy good football : the attacking style of a team, a well-taken free-kick, a good possession game and of course the superb goals.

I forgot to mention one thing though: we also enjoy sometimes some big misses of the football players (as long as they’re not playing for our favourite team, I think)

I’ll let you in the company of a clip I found on YouTube with some interesting misses. Let me know what you think of it !