Julia Michaels Released The Official Video For ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Soundtrack|Music


I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to watching Fifty Shades Freed, as I’m curious to see how the film is different than the book (and I must admit I like Dakota Johnson; she is one of the reasons I liked the previous films).

I’m interested to see if this year’s film will have some strong and fascinating soundtracks. Up to today, there were released videos for the collaboration between Rita Ora and Liam Payne for the song For You and Hailee Steinfeld featuring BloodPop for the song Capital Letters. I wasn’t impressed until I saw the video released by Julia Michaels for Heaven.

I must confess, I’m also a fan of this song as it is catchy as hell. Julia has also a captivating voice, while the sound of the song is quite unique.

Watch below the official video released by Julia Michaels for Heaven:

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Listen To Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Call It What You Want’|Music

Taylor swift reputation

It’s still a week to go until Taylor Swift releases her new album Reputation, but in the meantime she released a new track from her new album. The song is called Call It What You Want and you can listen to it below:

What do you think about this song? I believe this one sounds like a Taylor Swift classic tune.

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Watch Taylor Swift’s New Video ‘…Ready For It?’|Music

taylor swift ready for it

It’s not long now until Taylor Swift will release her new album, Reputation (release date: 10 November), but in the meantime the artist released a new video for her second single …Ready For It?

The track has hit the Internet on 3rd September, but now it has a video, which is quite spectacular. It’s almost like a film. Shame it lasts only 3 minutes and a half. The video has scenes that remind you instantly of Sci-Fi films like Blade RunnerGhost In The Shell and Prometheus.

…Ready For It? video comes a week after Taylor released her 3rd single Gorgeous.

I’ll leave you now to watch the video. Hope you’ll enjoy it:

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Watch Camila Cabello’s New Video ‘Havana’|Music

Universal Music Group's 2016 GRAMMY After Party - Arrivals

Hey guys! I am back on my blog with another post about music. This time I want to show you guys a new music video released by Camila Cabello for the song Havana, a collaboration with Young ThugI am a huge fan of this song as it sounds really dope (it has that dose of latino music that makes you want to dance), so obviously I kept hoping she will release a video for it. And she did. And it’s quite cool. To see that I kid you not watch below the video:

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Listen To Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Gorgeous’|Music


Just 3 days before my birthday, Taylor Swift has released a new song called Gorgeous. It’s a cool song with an interesting sound. Reminds me a bit of Blank Space in terms of sound. The lyrics are so clever and work well with the melody. I’m so looking forward to listening to all the songs from her new album, Reputation, that comes out on November 10.

Listen to Gorgeous below:

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The Soundtrack I’ve been obsessed about this weekend |Music


In case you’re wondering where these images attached to this article are from, I have to inform you that they’re from a film that just came out in cinemas on Friday. It’s called The Mountain Between Us and it’s starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. It’s a brilliant movie that kept me in suspense throughout and I really hoped it would have a happy ending for all the characters involved.

If I got you intrigued, here’s a synopsis for this film via IMDb: “Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness.”

I won’t offer any spoilers, but I definitely recommend this film. Anyway, I would like to discuss a bit about the song that starts when the credits roll. It’s practically my new obsession: it’s a collaboration between Zayn Malik and SIA. I mean, I know SIA has nowadays a soundtrack in all popular films (remember Wonder Woman?, Lion?, and the list goes on), but a collaboration with the bad boy Zayn is on another level. You can listen to the Dusk Till Dawn below:

The first thing I would remark about this song is its extraordinary sound and how the voices of the two artists blend so well, making this song unique. In my opinion, everything that SIA released as a music video was a hit and this is also the case with this one.

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Taylor Swift- ‘Ready For It?’ Is Here! Listen To Taylor’s New Song !


If you know me personally, then you have an idea of how big of a fan of Taylor Swift am I. So, before writing this article I was thinking to write a post about her new video ‘Look What You Made Me Do?’, but then I read online just moments ago that Taylor has dropped a NEW SONG today !!! It’s called ‘Ready For It?‘ and you can listen to it below:

The song is part of her upcoming album Reputation, which comes out on November 10. I am really excited to listen to new stuff by Taylor and I hope this album will be as best as her previous one, 1989, which is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to.

What do you think about Ready For It? Do you like Taylor Swift’s new sound? Let me know in the comments section.


Watch Romania’s video for Eurovision | Music


Hey guys. I’m back with another post, this time I would like to bring into the spotlight a music video that has just been released. I’m talking about Romania’s entry for Eurovision this year, Yodel It by Ilinca and Alex Florea. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the video and the visual elements that were used so smartly. I like the idea that it promotes Cluj, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Overall, I think it’s a good video for this song and it gives a plus on the image of our singers.

This year Eurovision Song Contest is held at Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, with the two Semi-Finals being scheduled on 9 and 11 May 2017, while the Grand Final is on 13th May 2017.

I hope you’ll enjoy Ilinca and Alex Florea’s video for Yodel It !  which you can watch below and I’m waiting for some comments from you.  Last, but not least good luck to Romania at this year’s Eurovision!