Listen to a brand new song from Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry it took so long since my last post, but I’ve been extremely busy. Now I’m back doing what I do best: writing. Today I want to put under the spotlight the perfect break-up song. It comes from Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez and it’s called We don’t talk anymore. I absolutely love this track and I hope you’ll like it too. Listen to We don’t talk anymore here:



Didn’t know how good of a singer you are: Selena Gomez

So…this is my first post. I hope you will be patient with me. And loyal :)I am going to start a category on my blog called: Didn’t know how good of a singer you are. It’s all about those music stars that have a controversial image in the media, but they turn out to be good singers. Today this category hosts Selena Gomez. *She’s an actress and a singer. And Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend. She’s loved and hated by millions of people. She has 33.2 million followers on Twitter and about 58 million likes on Facebook. And she’s only 23 years old. Quite impressive if you ask me.

Anyway let’s skip to the good bit (as Rizzle Kicks would say) and listen to Selena sing her tune Good for you on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (the song starts at 1:23)

I believe that kind of song is quite hard to sing and make it sound almost as good as the recorded version, so she did a good job. How would you rate her performance?