X Factor 2015 UK-List of songs which will be performed on the first live show

Hey guys! Here are some important updates about The X Factor UK:

  1. There will be 13 contestants on the live shows. Monica Michael is this year’s wildcard.
  2. Peter Dickson, the voice of X Factor has been convinced out of retirement by ITV bosses. The fans also had an important say in his decision to come back.
  3. The theme for this week is “This Is Me” and the idea behind it is to allow viewers to find out more about the acts.

Here’s a playlist with the tunes (the original versions, with one exception) which will be performed on the first live show, tonight at 8 pm on ITV.


Who do you support? I like a lot of acts this year, but I hope 4th Impact, Louisa Johnson, Anton Stephans and Max Stone will do well.

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Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (The Overs)

In addition to Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (The groups)

The overs is an interesting category and definitely worth following.

The contestants that aspire to a chair are: Alex Boye, Anton Stephans, Bupsi, Ebru, Hannah Marie, Holly Johnson, Jennifer Phillips, Joseph McCaul, Kerrie-Ann Phillips, Lochei Kusi Ghent, Max Stone, Neneth Lyons, Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw, Stephanie McCourt, Tonatha Raihan, Vicki Ann Nash, Zen Blythe.

In my opinion the following deserve to qualify:

  1. Anton Stephans

2.  Bupsi

3. Jennifer Phillips

4. Neneth Lyons

5. Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw

6. Stephanie McCourt

There are 3 more acts that have to be taken into account (I won’t be surprised if they got through):

a) Ebru

b) Hannah Marie

c) Kerrie-Ann Phillips

Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (The groups)

In addition to Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (the boys)

It’s time to talk groups on The X Factor UK.

The groups that have made it to the 6 Chair Challenge are: Alien, BEKLN, Cam and Brett, Decibellas, 4th Power, Goe, Menn on Poinnt, Mon Amie, My Bad Sister, PYT, Rumour Has It, Ryder, Silver Tone, The First Kings, Tribe

Who I think is going to move to the next round:

  1. 4th Power

2.  Alien


4.  The First Kings

5. Mon Amie

6. Menn on Poinnt

There might be some surprises though…what do you think? who is going to go through?

Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (the boys)

In addition to Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (the girls)

The boys category is probably the strongest in the competition.

The boys that are qualified for the 6 Chair challenge are the following:

Ben Clarke, Brodie Kelly, Ché Chesterman, Danny Sharples, Jamie Eldridge, Jordan Luke Gage, Josh Daniel, Martin Harich, Mason Noise, Nathaneal Landskroner, Ollie Marland, Papasidero, Seann Miley Moore, Simon Lynch, Tom Bleasby, Tom Davies.

My prediction on who is going to qualify *in a normal world * (expect surprises though as there are a couple of singers whose auditions weren’t shown on TV)

  1. Josh Daniel

2. Ché Chesterman

3. Mason Noise

4. Seann Miley Moore

5. Simon Lynch

6. Tom Bleasby

Who’s gonna pass the 6 Chair challenge on The X Factor UK? (the girls)

Hey guys. Today’s a X Factor UK day. Can’t wait to watch it at 7 pm to see who’s gonna go through from the 6 Chair challenge.

I am going to try and predict for you who’s qualifying for the next round.

But first let’s see who’s going to represent each category. This article will cover the girls section.

Caitlyn Vanbeck, Charli Beard, Chloe Baker, Chloe Paige, Havva Rebke, Jasmine Leigh Morris, Karen Mav, Katie Coleman, Kelly Mai Webb, Keira Weathers, Lauren Murray, Louisa Johnson, Lucy Duffield, Monica Michael, Sharon Rose, Sophie Plumb.

….and NOW my predictions:

I think the following are going to go through (I might be wrong though, it’s  the X Factor after all where everything is controversial  + there is this contestant Chloe Baker, whose auditions weren’t shown on TV)

  1. Louisa Johnson

2. Lauren Murray

3. Keira Weathers

4. Charli Beard

5. Monica Michael

6. Jasmine Leigh Morris

Originality on the X Factor UK

Hey guys. Thanks for the support shown so far. I hope you’ll keep it going and read, like and share my stuff.

Today I’m writing about original songs on The X Factor UK. I hope you’ll enjoy my selection of clips and let me know what is your favourite.

  1. Lucy Spraggan- Last Night

2. Ella Henderson

3. Abi Alton

4. Luke Britnell- Think positive

5. Next of Kin- Can’t find me

What is your favourite audition? Mine is Ella Henderson’s.