Little Mix featuring Jason Derulo

A song that I heard in December got stuck in my head and now it has an official video to accompany it. I’m talking about Secret Love Song by Little Mix & Jason Derulo.

Why I think it’s a cool song I hear you asking? Well, it has an upbeat sound and the lyrics go well with the sound. All in all, the perfect combination.

You can listen to the song and watch the official video below:



Song of the day: Want to want me

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been quiet today. It was a busy day for me and hadn’t had access to a computer to write for you guys.

Anyway, I would like to create a new category on my blog called Song of the day.

The tune I want to present to you in this post is called Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo. I know some of you might know it as Jason is a really popular artist, but I just discovered this song recently.

I like the lyrics, the instrumentals and his voice. All blend in nicely.

Oh and the video is really hot ! The girl featured in the clip is gorgeous and I must admit…I’m jealous on Jason Derulo’s dance moves.

Check out the video for Want To Want Me :